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  • Taipei Fun Card | Unlimited Tour Edition Three-Day Coupon [Commodity Exchange Voucher]

Taipei Fun Card | Unlimited Tour Edition Three-Day Coupon [Commodity Exchange Voucher]

Taipei Fun Card | Unlimited Tour Edition Three-Day Coupon [Commodity Exchange Voucher]
Taipei Fun Card | Unlimited Tour Edition Three-Day Coupon [Commodity Exchange Voucher]

Combine 16 must-visit attractions and unlimited travel cards to save up to 60% of your travel expenses!

Taipei City, New Taipei City and Keelung City will jointly launch the “Taipei Fun Pass” to bring you a better travel experience. From Taiwan's landmark 101, the densely-built Palace Museum, and historic cultural buildings, it connects to the beautiful freshwater and northeastern coastline, and can also extend to the Keelung marine eco-tourism across counties and cities. A "Taipei Fun Pass Beibeiji Fun Card" will let you experience the interesting tourism scene of Northern Taiwan. There is no need to worry about the traffic between the scenic spots and the attractions. The card includes the Taipei MRT, the bus and the Xinbei City bus, as well as five infinite flights during the period of good performance in Taiwan. Among them, Taiwan’s good travel routes pass through Yangmingshan, Yeliu, Pingxi and other important attractions, so that your travel map is no longer limited to the MRT coverage!

Visit: TAIPEI 101 Observatory, 89F, No. 7, Sec. 5, Xinyi Rd., Xinyi Dist, Taipei 110 Taiwan

The Taipei 101 Observation Deck is located on the 89th floor of the building. It is mounted on the observation deck by a super-high-speed elevator which is one of the 12 largest surprise elevators in the world. From the 360-degree view of the window, you can see Taipei City from the tall buildings of the scales. To the undulating mountains, you can see the best angles to know this beautiful city.

Duration: 2 hours

Visit: National Palace Museum, No.221, Sec.2, Zhishan Rd, Shilin Dist, Taipei 11143 Taiwan

The National Palace Museum was completed in Shuangxi in 1965. The surrounding mountains are surrounded by greenery. It is a palace-like building. The first to third floors are exhibition space. It has the richest collection of Chinese cultural relics in the world's history and civilization. It is known as the world. One of the four major museums. It has the largest collection of Chinese art treasures in the world. The collections are mainly inherited from the Song, Yuan, Ming and Qing Dynasties, with a total of more than 690,000 pieces.

Duration: 4 hours

Visit: Southern Branch of the National Palace Museum, No. 888, Gugong Blvd, Taibao City, Taibao 612 Taiwan

The National Palace Museum's southern campus is positioned as the "Asian Art and Culture Museum" with a focus on "seeking Asia and enhancing vision". Through the collection of cultural relics, research, exhibitions, international lending, and education promotion, we are committed to interpreting and presenting " The cultural concept and artistic achievements of Asia. Following the mission of "Balance the balance between the North and the South and the culture of the rich", the Palace of the South Palace has three major efforts in the areas of "art rooted", "connected to the ground" and "promoting Asian multiculturalism". It is looking forward to Asia's splendid and rich civilization achievements. Rooted and scattered leaves, for more and more visitors from home and abroad to know and appreciate.

Duration: 3 hours

Visit: Zhishan Garden, Chih-shan Road, Sec. 2; Shih-lin District, Taipei Taiwan

Zhishan Garden is located in Zhishan Garden, next to the Palace Museum in Shilin District, Taipei City. It covers an area of 5,687 pings and is based on the first line of Wang Xizhi's world. It is like the inner courtyard of the museum. The blueprint for the design of the sacred garden is the eight great scenes of Wang Xizhi: Lanting, cage geese, Qushuiliu, Songfengge, Shuiyu, Biqiaoxi, washbasin, and Zhaohe listening, fully expressing the refined and elegant landscaping art, and China. The garden and the book are scented for a long time. Every time you let people think about the ancient feelings, they can learn from the traditional Chinese gardening experience and build a view of the antique Song Garden with the literati atmosphere.

Duration: 45 minutes

Visit: Shilin Official Residence, Sec. 5, Zhongshan N. Rd., Shilin Dist, Taipei Taiwan

The Shilin official residence was accompanied by Mr. Jiang Zhongzheng and his wife for 26 years. It recorded the life of the first family and played an important role in the critical moments of history. Walking into the main hall, you can get a glimpse of Mr. Jiang’s family gathering, foreign guests’ reception or daily life.

Duration: 2 hours

Visit: Miramar Entertainment Park, No.20 Jingyuesan Road, Zhongshan District, Taipei 104 Taiwan

The giant Ferris wheel of "Beautiful Huabai Paradise" satisfies the romantic imagination of many people. When you board the Ferris wheel, you can experience a happy flight and experience the romantic situation in the idol drama. Especially when the night is coming, the dazzling neon light show is full of appreciation.

Duration: 1 hour

Visit: No.35, Lane 38, Sec.3, Zhinan Road Gondola Maokong Station Exit, Wenshan Dist, Taipei 116 Taiwan

The cat air cable car is one of the favorite spots for visitors to Taiwan. The scenery along the way is pleasant. Visitors can enjoy the skyline of Taipei from 101 and 360 degrees and enjoy the misty atmosphere in the mountains. If you take the crystal car on the transparent floor, the eye of the cat cable It can also overlook the greenery at the foot and experience the thrill of flying at high altitude.

Duration: 3 hours

Visit: Taipei Zoo, No.30, Section 2, Xinguang Road, Taipei 11656 Taiwan

The Taipei City Zoo has a wealth of resources. The park is divided into an outdoor display area and an indoor exhibition hall. It has rare and precious varieties such as blue-bellied pheasant, sika deer, Taiwanese black bear, etc., as well as the big pandas and koalas that are popular among the public. Cute animals such as penguins are healing spots that adults and children can't miss.

Duration: 5 hours

Visit: Taipei Children's Amusement Park, No.55, Section 5, Chengde Road, Shilin District, Taipei 11169 Taiwan

Children's New Paradise is a parent-child paradise in the Taipei Metropolitan Area. There are 13 rides including: Fruit Ferris Wheel, Happy Bumper Car, Ocean Story (Music Carriage), Xiaofeilong (Dragon and Phoenix Boat), Cosmic Roundabout (radiation Flying Chair), Galaxy (small train), transfer coffee cup, roller coaster, flying bus, free fall, pirate ship, rotating small plane and roundabout chair. In addition, there are 20 retail stores in the park, such as food street, convenience supermarkets, souvenir shops, etc.; also plan indoor car locomotive parking lot and diversified indoor parent-child game space (free game area, ball pool and coin-operated game machine) to let tourists Whether it is sunny or rainy, you can enjoy the children's new paradise!

Duration: 5 hours

Visit: Miniatures Museum of Taipei, B1 , No.96 , Sec.1 ,JianGuo N. Rd, Taipei 10489 Taiwan

The Pocket Museum is the first theme museum in Asia dedicated to contemporary miniature art. It has an all-encompassing pocket boutique, such as California's Rose Mansion, Royal Parade, Buckingham Palace, Jack and Magic Beans, and roaming pocket museums, as if walking into an exotic time-space tunnel.

Duration: 3 hours

Visit: YehLiu Geopark, No.167-1, Kangton Rd. Yeh Liu Village, New Taipei 207 Taiwan

CNN CNN has reported on the unique beauty of the “Yehliu Geopark”, which describes the space geology, which is the most rocky environment on the planet.

Visiting a series of beautiful rocks, including the internationally renowned "Queen's Head", as well as "Ice Cream Stone", "Cellular Stone", "Ginger Stone", "Candle Stone" and so on. Come here and be really shocked by such a rich geological and topographical landscape, marvel at the wonders of nature!

Duration: 4 hours

Visit: Jinguashi Gold Ecological Park, No.8 Jinguang Road, Jinguashi, Ruifang Town, New Taipei Taiwan

The museum was built from the office of the former Taiwan Metal Mining Company, which fully shows the history of mining and the appearance of life at that time. The ticket can be visited in the four-story building, environmental museum, alchemy building, Jinshui special exhibition room and gold hall in the park, taking you into the time tunnel to a nostalgic journey.

Duration: 2 hours

Visit: Tamsui Historical Museum, No.32-2, Ln. 6, Sec. 1, Jhongjheng E. Rd, New Taipei 25172 Taiwan

The Museum of Freshwater Monuments is a museum of Red Mao City and its surrounding historical buildings. The ticket can be visited in the famous historic buildings of the freshwater red-haired city, the Little White House and the Huwei Terrace for an unforgettable and unforgettable town tour.

Duration: 1 hour

Visit: Tamshui Fisherman's Wharf, Yuren, Tamsui Dist, New Taipei 22072 Taiwan

To the fresh water, you must take a ferry between the freshwater pier and the Fisherman's Wharf, which is slightly swaying like a slight scent. Especially when the sun sets, the clouds are reflected in the sky, and the sparkling freshwater river is like the most beautiful poem between heaven and earth.

Duration: 2 hours

Visit: Juming Museum, No. 2 Xishihu, Jinshan Dist, New Taipei 20842 Taiwan

This is an art gallery with both indoor and outdoor exhibition spaces. The sculptures are set against the lush green lawn. In addition to the Taiji realm that makes the human body and the heavens and the earth together, it is also the best prop with impromptu performances. A large stage play scene.

Duration: 4 hours

Visit: Heping Island Park, No.360, Ping-Yi Rd. No. 360, Keelung 20247 Taiwan

Beibeiji is a leisure and holiday geological park with vast seascape and world-class landscape, parent-child ecological education, summer water, natural landscape appreciation, unbeaten attractions for couples dating! Take a stroll along the scenic trails on the northernmost tip of Taiwan, enjoy the healing sea breeze and the magnificent natural landscape, jump into the clean and clear natural sea water pool, and swim with the little fish to experience the beauty of nature!

Duration: 2 hours

Visit: 菁桐天燈館, No. 141號, Section 2, Jing'an Rd, Pingxi District, New Taipei City, Taiwan 226

Let your little wishes in your heart rise in the night sky! Your handwritten blessings will shine through the 9-meter-high skylight glass curtain and nearly 200,000 LED lights, which will shine in the night sky, quietly feeling this exciting moment, it will be An unforgettable night.

Duration: 1 hour

Visit: National Museum of Marine Science & Technology, No.367 Pei-Ning Road, Zhongzheng District, Keelung 20248 Taiwan

The theme museum of the National Museum of Marine Science and Technology has eight exhibition halls and one special exhibition hall. The eight exhibition halls are permanent exhibition halls including: Marine Environment Department, Marine Science Department, Ship and Ocean Engineering Department, Aquatic Products Department, Marine Culture Department, Deep Sea Image Hall, Deep Sea Exhibition Hall. The Children's Hall, each exhibition hall has its own unique and diverse exhibitions. The special exhibition hall will introduce different themes, each of which will bring you different surprises.
By visiting each exhibition hall, you will have a deep understanding of how much the ocean is closely related to us in our daily life, from the environment and the climate to the daily necessities, all of which have deep links with the ocean. To "know the ocean, get close to the ocean, and live in the ocean", the theme pavilion is definitely a must visit.

Duration: 3 hours

Duration:1 to 3 days
Commences in:Taipei, Taiwan

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