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  • Taipei Hiking Tour: Sandiaoling & Pingxi

Taipei Hiking Tour: Sandiaoling & Pingxi

Taipei Hiking Tour: Sandiaoling & Pingxi
Taipei Hiking Tour: Sandiaoling & Pingxi

The capital city of Taiwan isn’t just about Taipei 101, Longshan Temple, Elephant Mountain and places that are touristy and crowded. In fact, there are plenty of hiking trails that are perfect for travellers like you who have a soul of wanderlust and a desire to explore. A day tour with us leads you to the unknown nature, we are going to show you another completely different aspect of Taipei in a way that will make you wow during the tour. It’s perfect for people who’d like to experience the nature in Taipei and take phenomenal shots with their cameras that will amaze your friends on social media.

We include two hiking trails in the day tour. The first trail is located at Sandiaoling District featuring 3 amazing waterfalls that are perfect for summertime to cool off and refresh our spirits. You will be wowed by the power of the water by standing in front of them. 

For the second trail, you will expect to climb steep slopes with railings on the ridges of 2 peaks in Pingxi District. Each peak gives you a great view of the surrounding area with endless mountains in the distance. You need to possess the decent stamina to complete it, while no fear of height is a must too.

The whole tour is flexible. It does not involve long hour walking or serious trekking, but it can fully satisfy your desire to explore the nature without annoying crowds.

• Hegu Waterfall: It’s the biggest and highest waterfall on this trail. We are able to be on top of it, there’s a hidden path where no one visits. If the weather is warm, we are able to swim.
• Motian Waterfall: We are able to go under and behind it. Normally people do not do this, but it will be an awesome experience to get wet.
• Pipadong Waterfall: Here we will have a spectacular view. And we rest here for a while to enjoy the beautiful waterfall from the cliff. 

• Xiaozishan Peak: It challenges your courage to step on the peak as it’s steep and sharp. We need to climb via a narrow, exposed steel stair to reach the top.
• Cimu Peak: It’s a higher peak on the other side of Xiaozishan Peak. The view up here is just amazing that you can see the surrounding area from high above. We will explore a little bit on this peak, it’s an adventure!
*Note: The itinerary is subjected to the condition of the site, weather and your physical ability. Our tour guide has the final decision if it’s necessary to change the itinerary.

Duration:8 hours
Commences in:Taipei, Taiwan

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