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  • Taroko Zhuilu Old Trail (Departure with 2 ppl.)

Taroko Zhuilu Old Trail (Departure with 2 ppl.)

Taroko Zhuilu Old Trail (Departure with 2 ppl.)
Taroko Zhuilu Old Trail (Departure with 2 ppl.)

If you really wish to see the majesty of Taiwan, Taroko Park is where you’ll find it. Hiking the Zhuilu Old Trail combines Taiwan’s storied history with its incomparable natural beauty. The hike is 3.1 kilometers long and reaches elevations of 500-600 meters.

The Old Zhuilu Road was an important connection between ancient Truku villages. Originally it was only 30cm wide, barely enough for two feet side by side. In 1917, the Japanese conscripted local indigenous men to expand the trail width to 1.5m. Throughout you will be surrounded by Taiwan’s famous emerald mountains populated with Taiwanese flora and fauna. Look down and you will see the mighty Liwu River, slowly carving its way through Mt. Sanjiaozhui creating the steep, imposing Fuji cliffs.

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1. Due to safety measures, please ensure that you’re in physically good health. This activity requires physical strength and is not suitable for participants with prevailing heart conditions, chronic illnesses, cardiovascular diseases, asthma, epilepsy and pregnancy. Please do not register.

2. Departure with 4 people, full refund cancellation will be given if insufficient number of participants.

3. Entrance is limited to 96 persons on weekdays and 156 persons on weekends and holidays. If the reservation has been completed but the quota is full, we will provide a full refund.

4. The entry permit to the Zhuilu Old Trail is due one month before departure, the application process takes about one week. If the application unsuccessful, you will be notified a week before departure and receive refund.

5. Please bring passport for inspection and entry fee NT.200 upon entrance.

-Pick up transfer to Taroko visitor center
-Taroko visitor center to Zhuilu suspension bridge
-Hiking from Zhuilu suspension bridge to Badagang Police Station Relics
-Zhuilu cliff edge rest area snacks
-Return to trailhead
-Return transfer to Hualien City

Stop At:

• Taroko National Park, No.291, Fushi Fushi Vil., 97253 Taiwan

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Duration:8 hours
Commences in:Hualien County, Taiwan
City:Hualien County

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