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  • Yilan one day tour from Taipei: DIY egg cooking, Taipinshan explore

Yilan one day tour from Taipei: DIY egg cooking, Taipinshan explore

Yilan one day tour from Taipei: DIY egg cooking, Taipinshan explore
Yilan one day tour from Taipei: DIY egg cooking, Taipinshan explore

Hatosawa Hot Springs has two volcano-shaped egg-boiled troughs, and hot springs spring up all year round. Tourists DIY boiled eggs and experience different fun. The Victoria Peak ancient trails of Taiping Mountain have clouds in the afternoon. Historical trails such as railways, trojans, and wheel axles are maintained along the trails, achieving a memorable mountain trail, exploring nature, and nostalgic past memories. Finally, take the trampoline that has been stopped for 6 years due to the typhoon. At an altitude of 2000 meters, take the trampoline, listen to the dangdang and whistle, and start from Victoria Peak Station to Maoxing Station. The total length is 3 kilometers. A one-way trip takes about 20 minutes. Passengers can sit in the open trolley and heal the mountain scenery.

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Stop At: Taipingshan National Forest Recreation Area, No.58-1, Taiping Lane, Datong Township, 267 Taiwan

Taipingshan National Forest Recreation Area is located at Datong Township, Yilan, a northeast county in Taiwan. Currently, it is managed by Luodong Forest District Office, Forest Bureau.

Duration: 7 hours

Stop At: Jian Qing Huai Gu Trail, Tai Ping Lin Road, 267 Taiwan

On the occasion of the long rain and the early morning, you can overlook the holy ridge line; there are often clouds in the afternoon, sometimes in the fog of white, but the mood of eager to see the sun. Along the trail, there are historical traces such as railways, wooden horses, and wheel axles. It is a nostalgic trail that looks at the mountains, explores nature, and cherishes the past.

Duration: 1 hour 10 minutes

Stop At: Bailing jumu, No.118 Zhongzheng North Road, Luodong Township Yilan Luodong Forestry Culture Park, 265 Taiwan

Bailing Giant Wood is a red grandfather who has been over 2,500 years old. The tree is 30 meters high, about ten stories high, with a breast diameter of 3.4 meters and a bust of 9.4 meters. It takes 6 people to hold it. Although it has been struck by lightning, the tree is hollow. Shape, but the surrounding xylem is still solid. At the same time, Bailing is also the watershed of the Taipingshan conifer and broadleaf species.

Duration: 10 minutes

Stop At: Jiuzhize (Renzhe) Hot Springs, No.25 Shaoshui Lane, Taiping Vil., Datong Town, 267 Taiwan

Surrounded by mountains, There are two volcanic fountain-shaped boiled egg troughs in the area. Hot springs are hot all year round for tourists to cook DIY eggs. The hot spring egg tastes soft and tender, and exudes a unique hot spring fragrance.

Duration: 1 hour

Pass By: Jimi Square - Yilan Station, Guanfu Road, Yilan City, Yilan City Taiwan

The Jimi Park on the south side of Yilan Railway Station was originally an old dormitory area of the abandoned Railway Bureau. Later, in order to preserve the historical buildings, the whole block was integrated into the artistic color and planned as the first "Jimmy Theme Square" in Taiwan.

Duration:9 to 10 hours
Commences in:Taipei, Taiwan

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