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  • 7-Day Kilimanjaro Trek via Machame Route

7-Day Kilimanjaro Trek via Machame Route

7-Day Kilimanjaro Trek via Machame Route
7-Day Kilimanjaro Trek via Machame Route

Machame is one of the older and more popular routes on Kilimanjaro. It is for physically fit people with some hiking experience. Because of the popularity, Machame gets incredibly crowded especially during the high seasons. We prefer the Umbwe route, as it is not overcrowded. On this route, we start our summit climb at midnight.

Day 1: Arrive Tanzania - Moshi

3,000-ft/ 914-m

We will pick you up at Kilimanjaro Airport (JRO) and transfer to Moshi. Your tour guide will meet, greet and brief you about your trek to the Kilimanjaro. He will also make sure that you have taken all the gear necessary for the trek.

Day 2: Machame Camp

10,600-ft/ 2,972-m | 7.2 miles/ 11 km | 6-7 hrs.

Transfer to Machame gate, and start the trek via the ever-changing rainforest alive with birdsong. The path turns to narrow following a rocky ridge to thicker vegetation to alpine moorland

Day 3: Shira Plateau

12,480-ft/ 3,804-m | 3.1 mi/ 5 km | 7-8 hrs.

The climb continues to Shira walking along the rocky ridge scatted with giant heather and passing several clearings. Ascending to across several ravines via land studded with giant lobelia and giant groundsels to Shira cave before reaching the last point of the day

Day 4: Barranco

12,950-ft/ 3,950-m | 6.2 mi/ 10 km | 7-8 hrs.

Ascending further to Lava Tower for acclimatization along the trails, walking gently where the vegetation is limited to lichens and Moses then the trails takes the series of shallow up and down the valley in the base of the western breach and then branch off to Barranco.

Day 5: Karanga

13,200-ft/ 4,033-m | 3.6 mi/ 5.8 km | 4-5 hrs

The climb continues in a steep and stretches of Barranco Wall the zigzagging path and a narrow path to follow a spectacular traverse east along the base of Kibo, walking further to Karanga Valley  

Day 6: Barafu

14,950-ft/ 4,556-m | 2.1 mi/ 3.4 km | 4 hrs

Breakfast then take the path from the Karanga valley. The path contours around the mountain and via a patch moorland before cresting a ridge reaching a crossroads, the left-hand path lead to the scale broad ridge that climbs to the northeast towards Kibo.The virtue of it is elevated and exposed position the views from Barafu, the jagged outline of Mawenzi will be visible across the broad expanse of the saddle.

Day 7: Barafu | Summit - Uhuru Peak | Mweka

Summit: 19,340-ft/ 5,895-m | 2.75 mi/ 4.5 km | 7-9 hrs

Mweka: 10,400-ft/ 3,170-m | 6.8 mi/ 10.9 km | 7-8 hrs

Summit day! This day normally starts after midnight, take the trails following an increasing steep valley on the edge of Scree fields,passing between Rebmann and Ratzel glaciers to emerge at Stella point (5681m) on the southern rim of Kibo then ascending further to Uhuru peak(5895m) Later descend to Barafu for a short rest then proceed to Mweka camp.

Day 8: Mweka Gate | Moshi

Gate: 5,500-ft/ 1,676-m | 5.3 mi/ 8.5 km | 4-5 hrs

Moshi: 3,000-ft/ 914-m | 30 minute drive

This is a short relatively swift and final day on the mountain, descending via the forest with lush and extremely picturesque to Mweka gate. We will pick you up and drive to the hotel for a hot shower.

Duration:7 days
Commences in:Arusha, Tanzania
City:Arusha Region

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