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Advanced Adventurer Diver

Advanced Adventurer Diver
Advanced Adventurer Diver

After being an Open Water Diver for some time, you will feel the lust of knowing more about diving and the linked possibilities. This is why SSI created the Advanced Open Water Diver program, as a natural step to take in your diver life. This program following SSI philosophy about continuous education allows you to become more confident and skilled underwater as well as it will help you satisfy your eager to take on new challenges.  With deep dive specialty a whole new range of underwater world will be yours to discover as your SSI instructor will teach you how to dive safely up to 30 meters. So during your next holidays come and enjoy the underwater world of Mun Island protected marine park while exploiting the presence of SSI certified dive instructors to perfect your diving skills!

You  are  going to be picked up   from your hotel , within  central Nha Trang ,  of from Our office  ,

 From 7:20   at the morning  , or  in a flexible  schedule if you booked a private tour .

 Our Minibus  will   bring you to the  Tha Trang Tourist quay ,  where You will get to  our Boat .

The boat is 16 meter long , equipped with shader , sun roof , toilet   kitchen, proper water entry and exit ramp, Safety equipment .

The boat ride to marine protected park at Hon Mun  will take a 40 minutes approximately with 16 meter long Boat , Or  15 minutes approximately  on  Private Speed Boat  charter .

You going to be given an extensive  academics and practice  Briefings  by one  our  SSI certified professional Dive Instructors ,

And the full set of our  nice rental dive gear   included.

 First Diveing /Snorkelling spot  - from 9:00 till 10:30

 Second Diveing /Snorkelling  spot- from 10:40-till 12:20

  Lunch and  Way back to Nha Trang  Tourist pier - From 12:30 – till 2:30

 Minibus transfers to Your hotel , or our office   From 12:30

·         Times are  estimated ,   usually you would be back at your hotel 1:30 earliest and  at  3:00 latest

Duration:3 days
Commences in:Khanh Hoa Province, Vietnam
City:Khanh Hoa Province

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