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Amazing Scooter Renting VS Buying

Amazing Scooter Renting VS Buying
Amazing Scooter Renting VS Buying

you are travelling to Vietnam, just wonder where to get reliable motorcike to make your wonderful trip. We are frofesional supplier Scooter/motorcycle/mountain bicycle. some guide from locals that you require to discover small alleys Nha Trang city.any inquiries, just drop us a line, every difficults will be sorted out quickly.

Come to our shop.Directly guided in english and get yoyr style bike,or we can exchange information before we making appoinment , its the best waste save our time,we be Novou scooter, Honda win ....as well support you best quality helmet, lockers....... Not only that we can buy back your bike after your trip finished...The idea is to arrive in the chaos of Vietnam and join in with the locals by riding a motorbike! Motorbikes in Vietnam are everywhere. This means it is easy to travel by bike as locals are helpful and Each major destination is within one day’s drive of the other.

Although the roads may look chaotic, the speeds are unbelievably slow. It is easy for travellers to join in the chaos of local life by using a motorbike!

Vietnam has what must be some of the greatest mountain roads in the world that must not be missed!

Transparent and clear.

Our shop offers day rentals and long distance travel packets catering for nearly any route.

Our shop  provides clear contracts and set prices for every motorbike model and travel plan.

Duration:5 hours
Commences in:Khanh Hoa Province, Vietnam
City:Khanh Hoa Province

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