2,200mAh Smart Warmer/Charger Silver

2,200mAh Smart Warmer/Charger Silver


2,200mAh Smart Warmer/Charger (Silver)

Winter presents enough challenges without having to worry about frosty fingers or a dying cell phone battery. Now you can have relief from both with the P3® multifunctional Smart Warmer and Charger. Just plug the USB into your computer and in a few hours it is fully charged and ready to go. Slim and lightweight, you can carry it with you anywhere you need a convenient source of soothing heat. Switch it on, slip it into the knit sleeve, and place it in your pocket. In as little as 60 seconds your hand will start to feel the comforting warmth inside your pocket.

  • Charges cell phone, warms hands & has powerful LED flashlight
  • Warms to safe 104F
  • Charges mobile device up to 100%
  • 2,200mAh capacity
  • Can be recharged up to 500x
  • Super slim & lightweight
  • 360 rotary switch
  • Aluminum shell for thermal conductivity
  • Can be used for business travel, outdoor activities, winter sports & in cold offices
  • Silver

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Condition: new

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