EconoVue Clear Interior Doall Liner

EconoVue Clear Interior Doall Liner

Clear Focus

6.5-mil clear PVC with 1.6-mm perforations and an unperforated solid paper liner or a white PET liner. Perforation pattern: approx. 40% perforated, 60% retained. Designed to mount to the interior surface of windows. Applications include POP, retail and commercial signage and a wide variety of other applications. Not recommended for use on dark or tinted windows because of color distortion and undesirable reflections that may occur since product is mounted on the inside surface of the window. EconoVue Clear Interior-mount Film is ideal for window signage that requires protection from weathering, abrasion and vandalism. Also an option for areas where exterior-mount signage is prohibited (check local sign ordinances for compliance).

This product meets the large package requirement per UPS/FedEx. The estimated shipping cost will include this fee.

Condition: new

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