Amazing Styled Metal Glass Wall Votive Holder

Amazing Styled Metal Glass Wall Votive Holder


  • Metal Glass wall Votive Holder measures 30 inches (W) x 3 inches (D) x 13 inches (H)
  • Made of quality metal and glass
  • Comprises of 5 candles, each in one holder

Check out this amazing styled metal glass votive holder that will be a great addition to your room space. The votive holder is made of quality metal with efficient glass votives attached to it. The metal glass votive holder comprises of 5 votives attached to it each feature a candle that will brighten up any space and bring boringness out of them. You can add this metal glass votive holder to your living space, bedrooms else a place of your choice.

Guests paying a visit over your place will be surprised to check out striking metal glass votive holder. They?ll be enticed to add one to their interiors. Besides, metal glass votive holder can also be gifted to your near and dear ones. Get metal glass votive holder right away.

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