Beautiful Metal Glass Lantern 2 Assorted

Beautiful Metal Glass Lantern 2 Assorted


  • Attractive metal glass lantern 2 assorted measures 7 inches (W) x7 inches (L) x13 inches (H) x 2
  • Opaque glass
  • Durable construction

Introducing this amazingly styled metal glass lantern 2 assorted that will brighten up any room space. This lantern is made of exclusive metal and glass that will last for years. This lantern is opaque that will flourish your interiors with charm. This metal glass lantern also comprises of an efficient handle that will enable you to carry the metal glass lantern with ease. This metal glass lantern can also be used in hotel, unresto bars, spa outlets and similar other space to add authenticity.

Guests and other friends paying a visit to your place will be surprised to check out this lovely metal glass lantern at your place. You can also wrap this metal glass lantern to your near and dear ones. This metal glass lantern will surely make you win appreciations from many.ur dear ones. Check out this classic Metal Glass Candle Holder and get it right away.

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