Beautiful Styled Zig Zag Designed Wood Vinyl Case

Beautiful Styled Zig Zag Designed Wood Vinyl Case


  • Wood vinyl case measures 14 inches (Width) x 10 inches (D) x 5 inches (H), 12 inches (Width) x 7 inches (D) x 4 inches (H)
  • Green and blue color palette
  • Made of quality wood

Wow! That will be the first word you utter when you lay your eyes on the wood vinyl case. A treat for the eyes and the heart, these cases come in a pair and can be used to store many things. These vinyl case can accommodate what you prize most in your life. Letters from yesteryear, greetings, jewels or the first thing that your beloved gifted, it can be used to keep just about anything.

Its body is well designed with zig zag patterns in blue and green color plaette , which makes the case look simply breathtaking. Made from quality materials, these cases are sure to last for a long time. Gifting this set can be a great idea, or you can simply buy them for your beloved. In either case you are sure to be appreciated.

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