Besmeared Wood Accent Table

Besmeared Wood Accent Table


  • Wood accent table dimensions: 14 inches (W) x 14 inches (D) x 29 inches (H)
  • Accent table color: Brown with white wash
  • Made from: Wood

Looking for a table that will aid you with keeping things which you need easy access to? Well, what you need is an accent table; and the one pictured above to be precise. This wood accent table in the shape of a square is a marvelous little creation. Perfect for your bedroom, it can fit into any small space. On it you can keep, say, a photo frame, or your glasses after you have finished reading. It also has a drawer that can come in handy to keep things like keys and other important stuff.

In a most brilliant brown with a white wash, this accent table will be perfect for all modern homes. Additionally, it has been made using quality materials. This ensures that it will last for years to come. Indeed, this wood accent table has sharp besmeared looks; a table you must consider getting.

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