Ceramic Birdcage Candle Holder

Ceramic Birdcage Candle Holder


  • This candle holder measures 9 inches (Width) x 9 inches (L) x 16 inches (Height)
  • Turquoise finish with accents
  • Pretty sparrow top

Add a decorative accent to your home with this ceramic crafted candle holder that features a bird cage body. It has a turquoise finish with accents. The pretty sparrow lid adds on to the beauty of the holder. Add a beige or white colored candle to the holder and the glow of the candle light will disperse from the cuttings creating a warm ambiance. Lighten the candle holder cold winter evenings or summer nights to cast a warm glow.

Add it to you side table in the living room or in the entryway to welcome guests. They will instantly fall in love with this adorable candle holder and will praise you for adding the same to your house. You can also add it to the deck and porch, outside your house to make your house look perfect. The holder is easy to maintain and its light weight helps you carry it easily from one place to another

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