Chao Shuang (Ultra Cool) Metal Glass Candle Holder

Chao Shuang (Ultra Cool) Metal Glass Candle Holder


  • Metal glass candle holder dimensions: 8 (W), 8 (L), 25 (H) in; 29""ALL, H
  • Candle holder color: Black
  • Made from: Iron, Glass

Are you searching for a candle holder that has beauty in simplicity? Looking for a candle holder that is sleek and is a visual treat to look at? Well, your search ends here because the metal glass candle holder might just be what you are in search of. With a thin tall frame that is in black, this candle holder not only aids you when the power goes out, but is also very helpful for beautifying you home.

Keep it at any spot in your living room and it will beautify that place. Quality materials in its manufacture ensure that this candle holder will last for years to come. It can be perfect for both modern and traditional themed homes. So bring one of these holders for your home today, and witness all who see it appreciate its beauty.

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