Classy Styled Indian Metal Glass Lantern

Classy Styled Indian Metal Glass Lantern


  • This glass lantern measures 13 inches (Width) x 13 inches (L) x 8 inches (Height)
  • Slender curved black handle
  • Lantern shaped glass jar

Feel cozy and warm during chilly winter evenings by getting this glass lantern. This lantern is crafted of sturdy glass and has a matte black finish circular top and base. The slender sleek black curved handle helps you hook the lantern easily on any w all. Apart from hooking it to the wall you can keep it above any table in the interiors or add it to the deck and porch outside.

The lantern will cast a warm spell in your both indoor and outdoor ambiance. The lantern can also be carried from one place to another with the help of the handle. The good quality built of the lantern will keep it good condition for years together. Apart from adding it to your house, you can also add it to wedding halls, palace etc. The lantern adds a welcoming effect to your decor. So, hook it outside when you have guests visiting you.

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