Classy Styled Shanghai Glass Metal Lantern Rope Handle

Classy Styled Shanghai Glass Metal Lantern Rope Handle


  • Glass metal lantern rope handle dimensions: 5 (W), 5 (L), 9 (H) in; 11 in ALL, H
  • Lantern color: Transparent
  • Made from: Steel, Glass, Rope

Do you want a lantern that is simplest in design, but has a great impact visually? Well, the glass metal lantern with rope handle is one such lantern. With a transparent glass body, this lantern exudes a look of royalty. The clear glass means that the light emerging from the candle will be at its natural best. It also comes with a rope handle, making it very easy to pick and carry.

Additionally, this lantern is made from quality materials. Because of this it will last for ages, with the minimal maintenance of wiping it once in a while. It will be perfect for modern homes, or even homes with older themes. Presenting it as a gift can also be a great idea. So why wait? Get this glass metal lantern and add a spark of brilliance to your ambience.

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