Elegant Indian Metal Glass Wall Candle Sconce

Elegant Indian Metal Glass Wall Candle Sconce


  • This wall candle sconce measures 13 inches (Width) x 7 inches (L) x 30 inches (Height)
  • Sturdy glass jar
  • Black metallic stand

Make your dull looking wall look interesting and bright at the same time with this wall candle scones that features a durable glass jar and a black finish metallic stand. The stand has beautiful scrollwork in the top and the bottom. The eye catchy aspect about this sconce is that it has a glass shade that has raindrop patterns in its exterior. Add any color candle to the sconce and its gleam will cast a warm spell in the ambiance and make it enchanting.

The sconce can also be added to castles, palaces, wedding halls and other palaces in the outdoor as it is perfect for both indoor and outdoor. If you had always wished to bring home a wall candle sconce like this one, you now have the golden opportunity to do so. So, do not let that go off your hand and get this one for your use now.

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