At Last Naturals InnerClean Inner Tabs - 200 Tablets

At Last Naturals InnerClean Inner Tabs - 200 Tablets

At Last Naturals

At Last Naturals InnerClean Inner Tabs Description:
  • Natural Herbal Laxative
  • An Aromatic Blend of Herbs and Fiber For Occasional Constipation and Cleansing

InnerClean Inner Tabs Laxative has been an herbal colon cleansing staple for over 85 years.

A natural herbal laxative made with senna, psyllium, anise, fennel and buckthorn, it is excellent for occasional constipation and maintaining optimal digestive health. InnerClean Inner Tabs are 100% natural. There are no synthetic ingredients or chemicals added.

Herbal colon cleansing is an important part of a healthy regimen, allowing the body to rid itself of waste, toxins and accumulated fecal matter. If you have been feeling tired, sluggish, irritable, dizzy or depressed, an herbal colon cleansing can help increase your energy, improve your mood, and assist in detoxifying your body

Why it Works

The herbs in InnerClean Inner Tabs contain natural herbal laxatives. Each tablet has herbal colon cleansing properties that promote waste elimination, gas reduction and indigestion relief.

Senna - Contains anthraquinones which are natural laxatives
Psyllium - Contains a soluble fiber
Anise - Shown to aid indigestion, nausea, gas, bloating and colic
Fennel - Aids digestion, lower abdominal pain and helps reduces gas
Buckthorn - Used for herbal colon cleansing as early as the second century A.D., buckthorn aids digestion and is a natural laxative

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