Classy Styled Attractive Glass Rope Lantern

Classy Styled Attractive Glass Rope Lantern


  • Attractive Glass Rope Lantern measures 7 inches (W) x7 inches (L) x8 inches (H)
  • Off-white color palette
  • Must home accessory

Check out this lovely glass rope lantern that will brighten up your room space. This glass rope lantern features spots on its exteriors with off-white color background. This glass rope lantern comprises of efficient rope holder that will enable you to carry the rope lantern with ease. Customary styled this glass rope lantern will support all kinds of interiors. You can add it to those dull corners of your room or just place one in your living room. The glass rope lantern will give your abode an authentic look.

Besides, this glass rope lantern can also be used to adorn hotel rooms, palaces, unresto bars and similar other set ups. Put an end to your thoughts and get this glass rope lantern right away.

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