Herb Pharm Black Elderberry Liquid Herbal Extract - 1 fl oz

Herb Pharm Black Elderberry Liquid Herbal Extract - 1 fl oz

Herb Pharm

Herb Pharm Black Elderberry Liquid Herbal Extract Description:
  • Organic Liquid Herbal Extract
  • Sambucus Nigra
  • Whole Ripe Fruit

We prepare our Coptis extract from the rhizome of Coptis chinensis plants which are cultivated, harvested and processed according to traditional Chinese methods.

To assure optimal quality Coptis rhizomes, we directly purchase from China only rhizomes that are harvested in the autumn, that have had their superfluous rootlets removed, and are then carefully dried.

certified organic grain alcohol, vegetable glycerine and Black Elderberry extractives.

Description:: We prepare our Black Elderberry extract from the fully-ripened berries of Sambucus nigra trees which are Certified Organically Grown and/or Custom Wildcrafted in their natural wild habitat.

To assure optimal extraction of Elders bioactive compounds, the berries are hand-harvested only when fully mature, are carefully shade-dried to retain their full color and aroma, and are then thoroughly extracted.

Our Elderberries are never fumigated or irradiated.

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