18-Quart Porcelain Roaster Oven Silver

18-Quart Porcelain Roaster Oven Silver


18-Quart Porcelain Roaster Oven (Silver)

This roaster oven is one of the most versatile cooking appliances available. It is large enough to serve as a primary kitchen oven and convenient enough to serve as a secondary oven for large gatherings. It can roast an entire turkey, up to 22 pounds, pot roast, pork roast, ham even multiple whole chickens. It can also do your baking for cookies, cakes, pies and quiche. Cook your soups stews and hot dished or even slow cook less tender cuts of meat too. With the Circle Of Heat® Construction your food will be cooked from the side and not from the bottom for moist, delicious results.

  • 18qt capacity
  • 1,425W
  • Performs all oven functions except broiling
  • Adjustable full-range temperature control up to 450F
  • Removable cookwell for easy clean up with porcelain-coated cookwell surface that resists scratches, corrosion, stains & chips
  • Chrome-plated cooking/baking rack
  • Circle of Heat heating element that cooks from the sides for moist, even cooking
  • Silver

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