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Uruguay is a country located in the southeastern part of South America. It is known for its beautiful beaches, charming colonial towns, rich cultural heritage, and progressive social policies.

Montevideo, Uruguay

Montevideo, the capital city, offers a blend of history, culture, and vibrant city life. Visitors can explore the Ciudad Vieja (Old Town), with its colonial architecture, the iconic Palacio Salvo, and the bustling Mercado del Puerto. Montevideo also boasts beautiful beaches, such as Pocitos and Rambla de Montevideo, which are popular spots for relaxation and water activities.

Punta del Este, Uruguay

Punta del Este is a renowned beach resort city known for its glamorous atmosphere and vibrant nightlife. It attracts both local and international visitors, offering beautiful beaches, upscale restaurants, luxury hotels, and a variety of water sports. The nearby Casapueblo, an iconic white-washed building and art gallery, is a must-visit.

Uruguay's Colonia del Sacramento

Colonia del Sacramento, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is a charming colonial town located on the banks of the Río de la Plata. Its well-preserved historic center features cobblestone streets, colorful buildings, and the iconic Plaza de Armas. Visitors can wander through the old town, visit the lighthouse, and enjoy views of Buenos Aires across the river.

Uruguay's Beaches and Coastal Towns

Uruguay is blessed with beautiful beaches along its Atlantic coastline. Besides Punta del Este, popular beach destinations include La Paloma, Punta del Diablo, and La Pedrera. These towns offer relaxed beach vibes, water sports, and a chance to enjoy Uruguay's coastal beauty.

Uruguay's Meat-Centric Cuisine

Uruguay is famous for its meat-centric cuisine, with a strong barbecue culture. Visitors can indulge in traditional dishes like asado (barbecued meat), chivito (a sandwich with grilled steak), and empanadas. The country is also known for its excellent wines, especially the Tannat grape variety.

Uruguayan Mate Culture

Mate, a traditional herbal tea, is an integral part of Uruguayan culture. It is often shared among friends and family and is considered a social ritual. Visitors can experience mate by joining locals in a traditional mate circle and learn about its cultural significance.

Uruguay's Carnival

Uruguay celebrates a vibrant carnival season, known as "Carnaval." The capital city of Montevideo hosts colorful parades, performances, and musical events, showcasing the country's rich cultural heritage. The carnival provides an opportunity to experience traditional music, dance, and the lively spirit of Uruguayan festivities.

Uruguay's combination of beautiful beaches, historic towns, culinary delights, and cultural traditions make it a charming destination for travelers seeking a relaxed and authentic South American experience. Its friendly atmosphere, natural beauty, and distinct cultural identity contribute to the country's appeal.

Tours in Uruguay

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1 Way From MVD Carrasco International Airport to Punta del Este

1 Way from Punta del Este to MVD Carrasco international Airport

1 way Transfer from Carrasco Interational Airport to Montevideo

Adventure Tourism Trekking Climbing and Rappelling

Airport Hotel or Hotel Airport Transfers

Art Studio Tour in Punta del Este

Best Private Montevideo Shore Excursion City Tour Optional WineTasting Tour

Best Private Personalized City Tour in Montevideo 3 hours

Best Private Personalized City Tour in Montevideo for cruise passenger 4 5hs

Best Private Personalized Trip Day to Colonia del Sacramento from Montevideo

Best Private Personalized Trip Day to Punta del Este from Montevideo

City Tour Montevideo

Ciudad Vieja Walking Tour

Colonia del Sacramento Full day tour from Montevideo

Day Trip to Colonia from Montevideo

Enjoyable transfers by Football Stadiums

Excellent Guided and Private Tour CityTour in Colonia del Sacramento

Excellent Guided and Private Tour City Tour in Montevideo

Excellent Guided and Private Tour CityTour in Punta del Este

Exclusive City Tour of Montevideo

Full day City Tour Punta del Este From Montevideo Uruguay

Full day Punta del Este tour

Great Transfer Guided Tour Wine Tasting Lunch at the Winery

Guided tour and wine tasting at Bouza wineries

Guided tour of Punta del Este from Montevideo

Guided tour of the Solis Theater with Transfers

Half Day City Tour Montevideo Uruguay

High level photographer tour through the old town

Horseback Riding in Montevideo Uruguay

Isla de Lobos

Live Carnival as a Local Citizen in a Popular Tablado

Montevide Bike Tour

Montevideo Airport Transfers

Montevideo Barbeque Experience

Montevideo Bike Tour

Montevideo Crawl Pub

Montevideo Explore the Old City Walking Audio Tour by VoiceMap

Montevideo Full Day from Buenos Aires

Montevideo Highlights

Montevideo private city tour with dinner included and tango show

Montevideo Tourist Bus

Montevideo walking tour

Night visit to Palacio Salvo

Pizzorno Wine Experience Guided and Private Experience with Pick up Included

Pose in Curious Photo Tour in Old City with Multilingual Languageguide

Pose in Photo Tour while Exploring the Hidden Zone of Western Montevideo with Audioguide

Private Arrival or Departure Transfer Montevideo Airport

Private Arrival or Departure Transfers in Montevideo Car or Minivan

Private Arrival Transfer Montevideo Airport to Hotel

Private City Tours Montevideo

Private Departure Transfer Hotel to Montevideo Airport

Private Eco Tour in Punta del Este

Private Visit to Uruguayan Winery Lunch Wine tasting minimum 5 people

Private Winery Tour Wine Tasting Minimum 4 people

Pub Crawl Punta del Este

Punta del Este airport transfer

Punta del Este and Casapueblo Welcome Cruise Passengers Celebrity and Oceania Lines

PUNTA del Este Art Beer and Sculpture Tour

Punta del Este City Sightseeing Tour

Punta del Este Full day tour from Montevideo

Ramble through Montevideo s culture and history with this audio walking tour

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The Best Montevideo City Tour

The best Montevideo Dinner Show Tango and Candombe

The Best Punta del Este Day Trip from Montevideo

The best transfer by Museums

Tourist Bus Montevideo Hop On Hop Off

Transfer Carrasco Airport Montevideo Uruguay

Transfer from Carrasco International Aiport to Montevideo

Transfer from Montevideo to Carrasco Airport

TRANSFER IN Airport MVD Hotel in Montevideo

Transfers Tours Transfers to and from the hotel personalized services

Unmissable transfers by Churches and Cathedrals

Urban Bike Rental in Montevideo

Walking Tour Montevideo

Walking Tour Parque Rodo Idiosyncrasy and art of Uruguay

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