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Wildlife Encounters around the Globe

Awesome Full Curl Bighorn Boss in Front of Athabasca River

Beautiful Newborn Elk Calves are Starting to Appear

Biggest Grizzly Mum Appears Much Lighter Now Supporting New Cubs

Grizzly Bears Wrestle on the Front Lawn

Full Curl Bighorn Boss Approaches

Spring Grizzly Bear Cubs Ready to Take on the World

Big Grizzly Bear Boar Looks Magnificent Out of Hibernation

Biggest Elk Bull's Victory Bugles After a Tough Rut Battle - The Sheriff

Magnificent Elk Bulls on the Move During the Rut

Grizzly Bear Closely Watches Hikers Pass By

Boys will be Boys - Bighorn Rams Headbutt During the Rut

Ospreys Back in Canada's Rockies to Raise Young

Huge Bighorn Rams Asserting Themselves During the Rut

Romance Interrupted for Headbutts During the Bighorn Rut

Be Bear Aware on Trails Now.. Grizzly Bears are Out and About

Beginning of Bighorn Rut Action with the Bosses

Bighorn Boss Gives the Evil Eye

Big Grizzly Mum Brings Her Spring Cubs out of Isolation

Bighorn Bosses Come Down to the River in the Heat

Elk Bulls itching to Rub the Velvet Off and Practice for the Rut

World's Longest Big Elk Rut Bugle

Grizzly Bear Pair Passes Through a Main Trailhead

Dog Dies in Bear Attack in Jasper National Park

Magnificent Grizzly Bear Mum and Cubs Pop Out at a Trailhead

Above the World's Best Mountain Climber

Biggest Grizzly Bear Sow We have Seen so Far

Magnificent Grizzly Mum and Big Cubs Mark Their Territory on Arrival

Big Grizzly Cubs on their Own now, Cross Athabasca River

Big Elk Bull from Full Velvet to Rut Battle Ready

Rare Bear Family - Cubs of Different Years Out Early

Biggest Elk Bull's Last Bugles and Rut - The Sheriff

First Magnificent Rut Ready Elk Bull Bugles

Will the Bighorn Boss Swim?

Bighorn Boss and Gang Cross the Bridge instead of Swimming

Vocal Elk Bulls Warming Up for the Rut

Extraordinary Eyes and Color of a Cross Fox

Close Look at The Massive Sheriff During the Rut - Biggest Elk Bull Bugles

Biggest Elk Bull Bugles "I Am Coming Through!" During Rut - The Sheriff

Grizzly Bear Not Phased by Canada's Busy Yellowhead Highway - Drive Safe!

Magnificent Elk Bull Bugles on a Mountain Edge During the Rut

Active Elk Bull Bugles and Courts with His Harem During the Elk Rut

Beautiful Grizzly Bear Family Passing Through

Bighorn Ram Boss courting Behavior with Receptive Ewe During Rut

Magnificent Bull Moose Appears During the Rut

Magnificent Elk Bull Bugles and Searches for Cows During the Rut

Adorable Baby Marmots Wrestling - Whistlers

Beautiful Cross Fox on the Hunt

Cutest Spring Grizzly Cubs Wrestling

Huge Elk Bull Courting and Bugling During Rut - The Sheriff

Awesome Elk Bull in a Mood During the Rut

Huge Elk Bull The Talbot Titans Last Rut

Bighorn Boss Makes Mountain Climbing Look Easy

Bighorn Boss Asserts His Dominance with Young Ram During Rut

Big Elk Bulls Colliding During the Rut

Huge Elk Bull Courting by the Lake During the Rut

2 Huge Elk Bull Titans Collide During the Rut

3 Legged Black Bear Surprises with Strong Will to Live

Agility of Baby Bighorn Sheep is Amazing

Alpha Elk Bull Bugle During the Rut

Angry Elk Bull After a Fight

Are River Otters on the Comeback in Canadas Rockies

A Stealthy Pine Marten Moves its Babies

Attentive Elk Bull Herding and Courting During the Rut

Awesome Billy Mountain Goat Comes down From Altitude

Awesome Elk Bull Asserting His Dominance during the Rut

Awesome Elk Bull Brings Cow back into the Herd

Awesome Elk Bull Moves Rival off Bugling and Courts Herd

Awesome Full Curl Bighorn Ram During Rut

Awesome Grizzly Bear Boar Approaching

Baby Bears Zipping Up and Down the Trees after Nursing

Baby Grizzly Bears Learning to Climb

Baby Mountain Goat Mischief until Mum Ends it

Bald Eagle Walking on the Ground for a Drink and Nest Material

Barred Owl in Canadas Rockies

Bearing the Weight of a Huge Bull Moose During the Rut

Bears Having it Out

Bear Tries His Luck with Mountain Goats

Beautiful Grizzly Bear Mum and Cubs

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