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Dirtlovers ATV Tours is a unique way to get to know the beautiful Sunrise City!

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Dirtlovers ATV Tours is a unique way to get to know the beautiful Sunrise City!
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Dirtlovers ATV Tours is a unique way to get to know the beautiful Sunrise City!

The Sunrise City ATV Tour has been considerately developed with you in mind - for quiet time, smooth cruising and wonderful discovery, dirt loving action, rugged exploration and some Aruban fish kissing love, guaranteed to bring the most memorable height to your vacation. We offer: 4 hour of sightseeing of the southeast coastline drive along the mangrove beach and Savaneta’s beach, historical buildings, Museum of Industry to vibrant street art and striking murals covering the many buildings. Discover the world famous Baby Beach, followed by off-roading trail starting at the Colorado point until the wonderful Natural Bushiribana cave pool with the most amazing sites, like the secret mini natural bridge, Red Anchor, Grapefield Beach as well as Aruba’s National Park, including the caves and getting an all natural fish pedicure during the off-road trail.

• Morning Departure Time starts at 8am from Santa Cruz and finishes at 12pm at the starting point
• Evening departure starts at 1:30pm from Santa Cruz and finishes at 5:30pm at the starting point
• The first 1:15min will be of iconic sightseeing coastline drive as we take you along the south border of Barcadera, passwing by our national TV station 'Telearuba' and the beautiful Mangel Halto Beach continuing along the Santo Largo going up to the Sunrise City
• Reaching San Nicolas aka 'Sun Rise City' we will get to see "Aruba's next Cultural Capital" here you will get to appreciate all the beautiful mural arts and see many Historical buildings and Monuments
• Arriving at Baby Beach-A shallow family friendly white sandy beach. Here you will get a 15min break to explore, take a dip or buy a drink
• the next 2:15min left of the Tour you will be exploring many hidden treasure San Nicolas has to offer while taking a few stops to take some pictures and learn about all the History Aruba has to offer, seeing the beautiful caves, get fish kisses and take a ride consisting of 15min along a tougher and rockier terrain leading up to the Natural Pool known as 'Conchi' where we will stay for 30-45min where guests can enjoy the clear water and dramatic shower of waters spraying over the rock that occurs as the tide rushes to shore.
• Frome here, we head back to our starting point, Santa Cruz 

Duration:4 hours
Commences in:Santa Cruz, Aruba
City:Santa Cruz

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