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Fishing trip in the sea

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Fishing trip in the sea
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Fishing trip in the sea

By booking your fishing trip with Anthony fishing guide, you can be sure of a fully customized outing to meet all your expectations.

At each exit the boat is privatized so we are in a small committee and we can organize the day as you see fit!

If you are sick, we fall back into the lagoon, if you only want to practice one fishing technique, we will only do this one ...

It's your outing - just enjoy your day!


Leaving Bas de Fort marina, we will go to sea to hunt pelagic fish using several techniques.

We can fish:

In jig:
Vertical fishing technique and ultra sports. It is you who animate the "jig", metallic lure, that we will let sink up to sometimes more than 150 meters of depths! We will try to intercept a big predator on the coastal drop offs of Guadeloupe. A very efficient fishing that requires some physical form.

A less sporty technique that allows the fisherman to rest his arms and enjoy the landscape while fishing with lures trailed behind the boat.

If we catch smaller fish, we can use them as bait to decide a big predator, who may not be baited!

To the shark:
on request, remember to specify that you want to try shark fishing.
We will use specific equipment for bait fishing, to overcome these hyper-powerful super predators!

Beware the sea is often rough in Guadeloupe, if you are subject to seasickness, prefer a trip to the lagoon.

Duration:6 hours
Commences in:Pointe-à-Pitre, Guadeloupe

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