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Escape to the ancient capital (Kharkhorin) 3days 2 nights tour

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Escape to the ancient capital (Kharkhorin) 3days 2 nights tour
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Escape to the ancient capital (Kharkhorin) 3days 2 nights tour

Escape to the Ancient Capital tour 3 days 2nights tour will allow you to see the most significant and beautiful landmarks, temples and attractions of Central Mongolia. See the successfully reintroduced Przewalski horses, stay overnight at mini desert in a traditional ger camp, visit the ancient capital Kharkhorin’s ruins, visit museums and have lunch by the lake. This tour is perfect for people who want to visit many places in short time with the light to moderate physical activity.


Day 1: Przewalski horses and camels

Stop At: Hustai National Park, Ulaanbaatar 13 Mongolia
After picking up everyone, we begin our journey and head to our first stop Khustai National park. At the park we will find the wild Przewaski’s horses that were once known to be extinct in Mongolia. The National park also serves as home to many other wild animals and plants. Have lunch at the camp. Then continue driving until we reach Elsen tasarkhai sand dunes. We will ride camels among the sand dunes, have dinner and stay overnight in mongolian ger camp.
Duration: 3 hours

Stop At: Elsen Tasarkhai, Mongolia
The Elsen tasarkhai, or the sand dunes translates into “patch of desert” is located in Uvurkhangai province and it stretches 80km and has width of 5 km. This is a spectacular place where you can see the diversity of Mongolian landscape of mountains, sand dunes and forests meet at one place. Camp to stay overnight is located near the dunes
Duration: 7 hours

Meals included:
• Lunch: local lunch
• Dinner: at the camp
Accommodation included: overnight in Mongolian ger camp

Day 2: Kharkhorin city

Stop At: Kharakhorum Museum, Khushuu Tsaidam Rd, Kharkhorin 62090 Mongolia
After breakfast we bid the camel herder family and continue driving towards Kharkhorin. Upon reaching the destination we will visit Kharkhorin museum to get familiar with the history of Great Mongolian Empire period. After viewing the museum and learning about the 13th century Mongolian history we will go to the camp, have lunch and take a rest for the day. Dinner at the camp.
Duration: 1 hour

Meals included:
• Breakfast: at camp
• Lunch: at camp
• Dinner: at camp
Accommodation included: Overnight at a ger camp

Day 3: Back to Ulaanbaatar

Stop At: Erdene Zuu Monastery, Kharkhorin 62090 Mongolia
Erdene Zuu monastery was built in 1586 and it is the very first Buddhist monastery in Mongolia. The monastery is located in Uvurkhangai Province. It is enlisted in the UNESCO World heritage list as the part of the ‘Orkhon Valley Cultural Landscape’. Three temples, “Baruun Zuu”, “Dund Zuu”, “Zuun Zuu” were built at that period with bricks and stones taken from ruins of the imperial city Kharkhorin.
Duration: 2 hours

Stop At: Ugii Lake, Mongolia
Ugii lake is a fresh water lake located in the center of Mongolia in Arkhangai province. The lake’s average depth is 6.6m. Ugii is abundant with different types of fish and the area is habitat to over 150 rare species of birds. Lunch at a camp near Ugii lake
Duration: 2 hours

Meals included:
• Breakfast: at camp
• Lunch: local lunch on the way
Accommodation included: Come back to Ulaanbaatar city, drop off at your hotel

Duration:3 days
Commences in:Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

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