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Wildlife Encounters around the Globe

These Twig Eaters Grow Fast Moose

The Sheriff Getting Ready for Date Night

The Sheriff Goes for a Swim to Cool Off

Three Healthy Bulls Entering the Moose Rut

Three toed Woodpeckers working at pine in the Canadian Rockies

Timber Wolves Eating a Big Bull Elk after the Hunt

Tiny Bear Cub Battle

Tiny Bear Cubs among the Paintbrushes 2019

Tiny Bear Cubs in the Rain

Tiny Newborn Bear Cubs Nursing and Playing So Cute

Trio of Colors in one Canadian Bear Family

Very Active Elk Bull with His Harem During the Elk Rut

Very Large Black Bear Approaches Previous Feeding Site

Very Large Black Bear Eating at Feeding Site Canadian Rockies

Very Sleepy Big Grizzly Bear in Alberta's Rockies (HD)

Vocal Elk Bulls Sparring After the Rut

What do Black Bears Eat just out of Hibernation

White Tailed Deer (or Whitetail) in Canada's Rockies

White Tailed Deer Making First Tracks on a New Beautiful Blanket

Why Do Elk Eat Bark

Why Do Elk Rub Trees During the Elk Rut

Wild Wolf Pup in a Canadian Rockies Winter 2019 (HD)

Wolf Pup in Alberta's Rockies 2019

Wolves at Dusk near one of the Skyline Trail entries(Jasper)

Wolves on the Hunt in Jasper Alberta May 2019

Wonderful Grizzly Family Makes Another Appearance

Young Adult Black Bear in Canada's Rockies Eating Poplar Buds 2018 (HD)

Young Adult Grizzly Bear in the Rockies

Young Bighorn Ram Trying to Isolate a Ewe During the Rut

Young Elk Bull Ramping Up around Cows

Young Elk Bulls as Testosterone Levels Rise

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