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Wildlife Encounters around the Globe

Largest Grizzly Bear Boar Seen This Year

Amazing 1 Month Growth of Bald Eagle Babies

Big Black Bear Boar on a Mission to Find a Mate

Largest Grizzly Bear Boar Pops Out

Grizzly Bear Runs Towards Us

Moose Mum's Rare Twins Settle Down for the Evening

Lone Wolf in Canada's Rockies

Rocky Mountain Billy Goat Makes a Rare Appearance

Largest Grizzly Bear Boar in the Area Shows Himself

Elk Bulls Introduce Themselves to the New Arrival

Nope, No Grizzly Bears Here!

Elk Mum Swims to Return to Her Newborn Calf

Nicest Bighorn Boss Ram We Have Ever Seen

Bald Eagle Brings Fish and Feeds Two Young

I Am Not a Cub Anymore!

Spring Grizzly Cubs Tire a Mum Out

Grizzly Bear Boar Arrives for Salad and Marks His Territory

Big Grizzly Girl Goes After Ground Squirrels

Tiny Spring Grizzly Bear Twins Just Out of Hibernation

Grizzly Bear Hugs During Pairing Season

Tiny Spring Grizzly Cubs Feeling Out Their Surroundings

Grizzly Mum Out with Triplet Spring Cubs

Grizzly Bear Boar Approaching

Here Comes a Very Big Grizzly Girl

Big Grizzly Bear Boar on a Huge Bull Moose Carcass

Grizzly Mum and Cubs Take a Dip in the River Out of Hibernation

Biggest Bull Elk Dominates the Highway During Rut

Magnificent Bull Elk Bugling and Courting During Rut

The Sheriff in His Prime Impressing the Ladies During Elk Rut

Big Grizzly Mum with Tiny Spring Triplets

Gate of the Biggest Beautiful Grizzly Bear Sow We Have Seen

Grizzly Cubs Explore New Terrain out of Hibernation

Osprey Have Migrated Back and are Eager for Family

Magnificent Bull Elk Herding and Courting During Rut

Forest Bugles from a Huge Elk Bull Courting During the Rut

Magnificent Bull Elk Bugling in Athabasca River During Rut

Dominant Bulls Threaten Each Other During the Elk Rut

Bull Moose Loves the Lake

Biggest Elk Bull - The Sheriff Bugles in His Prime During Rut

Rocky Mountain Goats Make an Appearance in Full Winter Coats

Bighorn Sheep in Defensive Mode from Possible Predators

Biggest Bull Elk's Last Bugles During the Rut - The Sheriff

The Power of Bull Elk

Grizzly Bears Starting to Forage Out of Hibernation Now

Bighorn Sheep's Mountain Cliff-Side Skills

Grizzly Mum with Spring Cubs to a Tricky Hibernation

Here Comes Grizzly Mum and Her Tiny Spring Cubs

Big Bull Moose Vocalizing in Pursuit of Cow During the Rut

Bighorn Boss Headbutt Point of View

Largest Bighorn Boss During Rut and Looking Great Today

Biggest Elk Bull Courts and Bugles During the Rut - the Sheriff

Bighorn Boss Weathered Winter Very Well

Bald Eagles Back from Migration Close Up

Eagles Back from Migration Fortifying their Huge Nest

Huge Bull Moose Comes out to Court During the Rut

Elk Rut Fights can Be Over in Seconds or Be a Marathon

Big Elk Bulls Beginning to Shed their Antlers

Sounds of September - Elk Rut Bugles

Baby Bears Call Out After Losing Mum

Grizzly Mum Shows Defensive Behavior Because of More Grizzlies

Huge Grizzly Bear Boar on a Big Bull Moose Carcass

Big Grizzly Siblings Put on a Show by Cabins in the Canadian Rockies

Awesome Bighorn Bosses Ready to Shed their Winter Fur

Grizzly Siblings Show off for their New Female Friend

Biggest Grizzly Bear Boar in the Area Sneaks a Salad Before Anyone is Up

Bighorn Rams are Tough and Persistent

First Light Exposes a Wolf Pack on a Deer Carcass at the River

Biggest Grizzly Bear Boar We have Seen in the Rockies

Awesome Bighorn Bosses Rut Butts

Beautiful Bull Elk Bugling at the Lake During Rut

Huge Bull Moose Finds His Girl During the Rut

Moose Calf Loves Splashing in the Lake at Night

Energetic Bull Elk Tires Himself Out Courting During Rut

Epic Elk Rut Fight Begins

Adorable Grizzly Bear Cubs of the Year with Mum

Huge Dominant Elk Bulls Fight During the Rut

Biggest Bull Elk Courting and Bugling During Rut - The Sheriff

Magnificent Bull Elk Herds and Courts During Rut

Huge Bull Elk Hissing and Bugling with Tourists During Rut

Big Bull Moose Courts Cow During Early Rutting Season

Dominant Bull Elk Courting and Bugling in the Forest During Rut

Huge Bull Elk Charges Vehicles During the Rut

Dominant Bull Elk Boss Courting and Bugling During the Rut

Huge Dominant Bull Elk Herding During Early Rut

Huge Bull Elk Moves in to Take Over Herd During the Rut

Huge Bull Elk Highway Herding During the Rut

Bull Elk's Upset Bugle as Cows leave During the Rut

Magnificent Bull Elk Herding and Bugling in the River During Rut

Dominant Elk Bulls Bugle into their Epic Rut Fight

Smart Bull Uses the River to Finish Epic Elk Rut Fight

Dominant Elk Bull Accepts the Challenge of Younger Rival During the Rut

Elk Bulls Begin their Epic Rut Fight

Huge Elk Bulls Lock Up in an Epic Rut Fight

Home to Some of the Largest Bighorn Sheep in the World

Awesome Bull Elk Bugling in His Prime During the Rut

Most Active Bull Elk this Elk Rut

Ewe Ref's Bighorn Bosses Rut Season Fight

Bighorn Bosses Still Climbing and Courting in Bad Weather

Grizzly Bear Mum and Her Playful Spring Cubs

Magnificent Bull Elk Bugling in His Prime During the Rut

First Sighting of Cautious Grizzly Mum and Spring Cubs

Largest Bighorn Boss Moves off Competition to Court

Largest Bighorn Boss Enforces His Status During the Rut

Awesome Bull Elk Herding, Bugling and Chuckling During the Rut

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