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Wildlife Encounters | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6

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Wildlife Encounters around the Globe

Grizzly Family Passes Through a Hiking Hub at Dusk

Awesome Bighorn Boss Comes Down from Altitude

Biggest Grizzly Bear Boar in the Area

A Newborn Elk's First Day in a Challenging World

No Grizzly Bears Here!

Spring Grizzly Cubs Looking Good into their 3rd Year

Rambunctious Spring Grizzly Bear Cubs

Huge Ram Rut Head Butts Best Point of View

Huge Bull Elk Courting and Bugling in the Forest During Rut

Dominant Bulls of Athabasca River's Elk Rut

Bighorn Sheep Mountain Cliff Skills

Bighorn Boss and Crew Lakeside for Some Spring Care in Canada's Rockies

Awesome Bull Elk Herding Bugling and Chuckling During the Rut

Epic Fight Between two Dominant Bulls During the Elk Rut

Dominant Bull Elk Boss Courts and Bugles Riverside During the Rut

Active Bull Elk Bugling, Courting, Herding and Fighting During the Rut

Largest Bighorn Bosses in Close Quarters to Court Ewes During the Rut

Bighorn Sheep are Naturals on Mountain Edges

Young Bighorn Rams Being Bosses During the Sheep Rut

Young Ram Comes in Hot towards Rival During the Rut

Huge Ram Bosses and Ewes River and Mountainside Early in the Rut

Largest Bighorn Boss and Rival Butt Heads over Courting During the Rut

Largest Bighorn Ram Competes to Pursue Ewe During the Rut

Bighorn Bosses are Not Afraid of 2 on 1 During Rut Battles

Moose Bulls, Cows and Calves Become Social as they Enter their Rutting Season

Largest Bighorn Boss Courts Ewe During the Rut

Bighorn Sheep Rams Get Energized as Rut Season Chemistry Changes

Biggest Bull Elk Herding and Courting During the Rut

Huge Bighorn Rams Start Battling as the Sheep Rut Begins

Bighorn Rams Poached in Canada's Rockies

Bighorn Ram Bosses Start getting Heated for the Rut as the Snow Flies

Relocated Grizzly Family Gets Mixed Up with a Porcupine

One Magnificent Bull Elk's Journey Through the Elk Rut

Bull Moose Stops Traffic in Canada's Rockies During the Moose Rut

Bull Moose Starts Courting a Cow as the Moose Rut Begins

Moose Calf Gets Rut Zoomies in the Lake

Huge Elk Bull's Charging Tourists and Trucks During the Rut

New Elk Bull Boss Tires the Older King out with Constant Pursuit During the Elk Rut

Huge Elk Bulls Fight Over the Toughest Elk Rut Territory

New Elk Bull Boss Tires the Older King out with Constant Pursuit During the Elk Rut

Elk Bull Boss Stops Traffic and Bugles During the Rut

Magnificent Elk Bull Now Rules the Toughest Elk Rut Territory

Huge Elk Bull Runs off Competition for the Herd in the beginning of Rut

Huge Elk Bull Courting Cows in Early Rut - She is Not Ready Yet!

Big Elk Bulls Bugle and Square Off During the Beginning of the Rut

Huge Elk Bull Herding Cows in a Crowd During the Elk Rut

Big Elk Bull Crosses the River to Join Cows and the Elk Rut - Could He be the Sheriff's Son?

Biggest Elk Bull So Far, Limping to Rest after a Fight as the Elk Rut Begins

Big Bull Moose Stops Traffic

Big Bull Moose Stops Traffic

Bull Moose Heads into the Lake for Sustenance on a Beautiful Evening

Huge Alpha Elk Bull Packing on Weight with Lush Green Before the Elk Rut

Bighorns Lambs Growing Fast While Rams are at Light Summer Weight

The Elk Rut is Coming!

Big Grizzly Mum and Spring Cubs on the Hunt for Protein

Sheriff's Offspring Entering His Prime? Lots of Growth Left Before Shedding Velvet for the Elk Rut!

Best Mountain Climbers Cross Paths - Bighorns and Mountain Goats with Young

Grizzly Mum and Tiny Cubs Make Numerous Dangerous Highway Crossings

Baby Bighorns Bounce into First Sighting this Year

Big Grizzly Mum "Pretty Face", and Her Spring Cubs Appear at the Lake

Great to See Grizzly Mum and Playful Yearlings Doing Well into Year 2

Care Free Spring Grizzly Bear Cubs

Grizzly Bear Cubs Battle of Learning to Swim is Inescapable

Grizzly Bear Tension Rises as Mating Season Begins

Biggest Grizzly Mum Shows Up with Newborn Cubs

Grizzly Bear Cub Now Dealing with Life Alone

Biggest Grizzly Bear Boar Seen this Year Happy with Eating Greens for Now

Grizzly Bear Pair Wrestling on Front Lawn of Cabins

Bighorn Boss Allows the Teenagers to Work it Out

Ospreys Back in Canada's Rockies to Begin Raising Young

The Extraordinary Colors of a Cross Fox in Canada's Rockies

Tiny Spring Grizzly Bear Cubs First Exploration

16 month Old Grizzly Cub Siblings Wrestling in Jasper Alberta HD 2018

1 Month's Antler Growth on the Biggest Elk Bull

2 Big Bears and Spilled Grain

2 Big Bull Elk Size Each Other Up

2 Big Bulls Meet The End of the Moose Rut

2 Black Bears Squabbling in a Tree

2 Bull Moose Engaging in Some Sparring During the Rut in Canada's Rockies

30,000 Berries a Day Diet Grizzly Bear

3 Nursing Black Bear Cubs

3 Year Old Grizzly Male Hanging in There

4 Elk Bulls Fighting Together Near the End of Rutting Season (HD)

60 Elk Bull Bugles during the Elk Rut

6 Bulls Hover around the Largest Elk Bull and His Harem During the Rut

Above the Worlds Best Mountain Climber

A Canadian Grizzly Bear Romance

Acrobatic Bear Up Tree Eating Balsam Poplar Seed Pods Jasper

Active Elk Bull Bugling and Courting

Adorable Grizzly Bear Family Passing Through

Adorable Grizzly Cub of the Year

A Formidable Family Grizzly Mum and 3 Cubs

Aggressive Elk Bull Herding and Courting

A Happy Grizzly Bear in Jasper Alberta 2019

A Happy Otter in Jasper Albertas Rockies

Alberta Rockies Bighorn Rams Entering the Rut

Amazing Physical Appearance and Coat Color on Grizzly Bear

An Amazing Grizzly Family Today and as Newborns

An Elk Bull Champion in the Off Season

An Evening Bull Elk Bugling and Interacting with Herd During Rut

A Quick look at a Cross Fox in Canada's Rockies

A Quick Look at a Red Fox in Canada's Rockies

A Rare Bear Family

Are They Siblings a Mating Pair or Mother and Teenager

Awesome Bighorn Ram Bosses

Awesome Elk Bull with 2 Months to go Before the Rut

Baby Bear Cubs Play Fighting in Jasper

Baby Black Bear Cubs Starting to Explore

Baby Mountain Masters Emerge

Baby Rocky Mountain Goat Appears

Bald Eagle Perched Over Athabasca River in Canadian Rockies

Barred Owl Hunting in Canadian Rockies

Battle Between Two Elk Bull Giants

Bear Cub Cuteness

Bear Cub of the Year climbs to Tree Top

Bear Cubs Play Fighting Becomes Aggressive in Canada's Rockies 2018 HD

Bear Cubs Zipping Up and Down Trees then Nursing in Canada's Rockies HD 2018

Bear Family on a Rainy Day (2018 HD)

Bear Nursing Cubs at Dusk in the Canadian Rockies HD 2018

Bears are Coming Out of Hibernation

Bear Sleeps in Jasper Alberta Town Tree for over 13hrs

Bears When Territory Meets 2018 HD

Bear Tries His Luck with Mountain Goats

Beautiful Elk Bull During the Rut

Beautiful Spring Grizzly Bear Family

Beautiful Whitetail Deer Fawns and Young Bucks

Beginning Stages of the Elk Rut and Bulls are Becoming More Aggressive in Late August 2018

Berry Season is a Time For Extra Care in Bear Country

Best of Elk Bull Fights During the Rut

Big Beautiful Grizzly Sow First Sighting this Year!

Big Bull Moose pursuing Cow with Calf and an Extra Arrival during the Moose Rut

Big Bull Moose Unites with Cow and Calf Beginning of the Moose Rut

Big Bull Moose with Broken Antler Courting and Young Bulls Sparring During the Rut

Big Bull Moose with Cow and Calf During the Rut

Big Elk Bulls Anxious to Shed their Antlers

Big Elk Bull with Cows in Early Rut Communication

Bigger Bull Steals the Herd Early in the Elk Rut

Biggest Beautiful Grizzly Sow

Biggest Elk Bull All Fired Up During the Elk Rut Lots of Bugles

Biggest Elk Bull Exhausted after Battle at the End of the Rut

Biggest Elk Bull Starts to Form His Harem The Sheriff

Biggest Grizzly Seen in the Area So Far 2022

Biggest Mountain Master Seen So Far

Biggest Rocky Mountain Climbers in Full Winter Coats

Biggest Spring Grizzly in Alberta's Rockies So Far

Big Grizzly Bear Boar Feeding on Moose Bull Carcass

Big Grizzly Bear Feeding on Moose Bull Carcass

Big Grizzly Bear Mum with 3 Tiny Cubs 2019

Big Grizzly Cubs as Newborns and Leaving Mum Today

Big Grizzly Family Hunting for Elk Babies

Big Grizzly Mum After Losing her Cub

Bighorn Bash

Bighorn Boss Enforcing His Status During the Sheep Rut

Bighorn Bosses Come Down to Mingle

Bighorn Bosses Get to Relax Now

Bighorn Bosses Pass by Us on a Common Trail

Bighorn Headbutting Battle in Canada's Rockies

Bighorn Heavyweight Rams Growl and Grapple with Lots of Vocalizing

Bighorn Mating Season Begins in Alberta's Rockies

Bighorn Rams Pursuing Ewes During the Rut

Bighorn Rams Sensing Chemistry Changes in Ewes During the Rut

Bighorn Ram Teenagers Host Their Own Version of the Rut

Bighorn Rut Behavior with Some of the Largest Rams

Bighorn Rut Cautious Mountainside Mating

Bighorns After a Heavy Snowfall

Bighorn Sheep are Absolute Units

Bighorn Sheep Baby Descends Mountain Side in the Canadian Rockies

Bighorn Sheep Boss Receives a Challenger During the Rutting Season

Bighorn Sheep Designer Footwear for Mountainside Climbing

Bighorn Sheep Ewes with Newborn Lambs

Bighorn Sheep Just the Hits

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