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Newborn Elk Calves First Few Months in Canada's Rockies

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Newborn Elk Calves First Few Months in Canada's Rockies

Elk Females or Cows usually give birth to their calves or baby elk late May through early June. Elk Calves weigh between 30 and 35 pounds and gain around 2 pounds per day in their first few months.

Most cows give birth to one calf, but occasionally they will give birth to two calves. Elk Cows leave the herd to give birth to her babies in isolated areas. Like deer, elk calves are born spotted and scentless. These adaptations help camouflage the calf as it lies motionless in it's surroundings. Predators actively search for newborns in early Summer, so Mothers often move away to keep attention away from any activity near a calf.

Elk calves usually lose their spots by September, at the same time the Elk Rut begins. Calves will nurse from their mothers typically for up to five months, and can start eating grass younger than one month old.

The Calf usually rejoins the herd with their Mother after about two weeks. Like all intelligent species, it does not take them long to discover "Play" shortly after joining the herd!

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