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Albania is a beautiful country located in Southeastern Europe on the Balkan Peninsula. It offers a rich history, stunning landscapes, and a diverse cultural heritage that make it an increasingly popular tourist destination.

Natural Beauty

Albania is known for its breathtaking natural landscapes. From the stunning Albanian Alps in the north to the pristine beaches along the Adriatic and Ionian coasts, the country offers a wide range of outdoor activities. The Albanian Riviera, with its picturesque coastal towns and crystal-clear waters, is a favorite among beach lovers.

Albania Historical and Cultural Sites

Albania has a rich historical and cultural heritage. The ancient city of Butrint, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, showcases ruins dating back to Greek, Roman, and Byzantine times. The historic cities of Berat and Gjirokastër, with their well-preserved Ottoman-era architecture, are also UNESCO-listed sites. Additionally, there are numerous castles, monasteries, and archaeological sites scattered throughout the country.

Vibrant Capital

The capital city of Tirana is a vibrant and lively hub with a mix of architectural styles, ranging from Ottoman and Italian influences to modern designs. Skanderbeg Square, the National History Museum, and the colorful buildings of Blloku are popular attractions. Tirana also offers a thriving nightlife scene, with numerous bars, restaurants, and clubs.

Albania Outdoor Activities

Albania's diverse geography provides ample opportunities for outdoor enthusiasts. The Albanian Alps are a paradise for hikers, offering stunning mountain vistas and challenging trails. The Accursed Mountains and Valbona Valley National Park are particularly popular among nature lovers. The country's rivers and lakes are ideal for kayaking, rafting, and fishing.

Albania's Delicious Cuisine

Albanian cuisine is a delightful fusion of Mediterranean and Balkan flavors. Traditional dishes like Byrek (phyllo pastry with various fillings), Tavë kosi (baked lamb with yogurt), and Baklava are must-tries. Fresh seafood is abundant along the coast, and the local wine and raki (a fruit brandy) are worth sampling.

Albania Cultural Festivals

Albania hosts various cultural festivals throughout the year. The National Folklore Festival in Gjirokastër showcases traditional music, dance, and costumes. The Tirana International Film Festival, held annually in November, attracts filmmakers from around the world. There are also music festivals, such as Kala Festival, held on the Albanian Riviera.

It's worth noting that Albania's tourism industry has been growing steadily in recent years, attracting travelers seeking off-the-beaten-path destinations and those interested in exploring the country's natural beauty and cultural heritage.

Tours in Albania

10 Day Tour The Best Of ALBANIA

14 Day Tour through Albania North Macedonia Kosovo and Montenegro

1 Day tour to Cape of Rodon

1 day Tour to Komani Lake and Shala river from Tirana

1 Day trip to Berat and Durres

2 Days Cultural Tour of Central Albania Ardenica Apollonia and Berati

2 Days Tour to Komani Lake and Shala River

2 Days Tour to Thethi National Park

2 Day Tour Kor a Pogradec and The Village Lin

3 Days Tour Exploring the Best of Thethi National Park

3 day Tour to Komani Lake Valbona Valley and Thethi National Park

4 Day3 Night All Inclusive Wine Tour of North Albania

4 Day tour to Albania Alps Komani Lake Shala River and Valbona to Theth

4 UNESCO sites Tour of Albania and N Macedonia in seven days

5 Day Albania Highlights Tour

5 Day all inclusive Durres Tirana Kruje and Vlore Beaches Tour

5 Day All Inclusive Tirana Kruje and Vlore Beaches Tour

7 Day Cultural discovery and Walking Tour in North Albania and Kosovo

7 Day Tour Explore The UNESCO Sites Arrival at RinasTirana

7 Day Tour Explore The UNESCO Sites Arrival at Saranda Port

7 Day Tour of Southern Albania

8 Day Adventure Tour in North Albania from Tirana

8 Days Adventure in South Albania

8 Days Local Living in the Albanian Alps

8 days on the Peaks of Balkan and Accursed Mountains

8 Day Tour Through the Natural Beauties and Historical Treasures of the Ionian Coast

Adrenaline Tour of Koman Lake and Shala River from Tirana

Adventure Spirit The Rocky Cape Of Rodon

Airport Transfer Rinas to South Albania Riviera Dhermi Himare Sarande

Airport Transfers from Saranda to Tirana International Airport

Airport Transfers from Tirana to Saranda


Albania 8 Daysgiorni

Albania Agri Tourism and Farm Life

Albania and Kosovo Walking and Climbing

Albania City Break

Albania Cultural Tour

Albania Food and Walking Tour

Albania Hidden Gems

Albania Hidden Gems 8 Days Tour

Albania Kosovo Macedonia Tour

Albania Kosovo Macedonia Tour

Albanian Coast Tour

Albanian Highlands Tour Valbona

Albanian Nights

Albania Private Inter City Transport

Albania to Kosovo

Albania to Macedonia

All Day Tour of P rmet


Amazing 2 Days Trip

Ancient City of Butrint UNESCO World Heritage site A Must

Antigonea Day Trip


Ardenica Archaeological Park Of Apollonia And Vlora

Around Tirana for 5 Days

Artisan s place visit and local products tasting by 1001 Albanian Adventures

A Tour To Remember ig

Audioguide service for Berat city by 1001 Albanian Adventures

Balkan Culture and UNESCO Sites

Balkan Highlights Tour

Balkan Tours

Berat Cultural Tour by 1001 Albanian Adventures

Berat Daily Tour


Berat Day Tour from Tirana

Berat daytrip from Tirana or Durres

Berat Full Day Trip from Tirana

Berat Montenegro Tivat Albania or Tivat Berat

Berat Thousand one windows city a unique experience of your lifetime

Berat UNESCO World Heritage Tour Including lunch

Berat walking tour and lunch in a local family

Best of Southern Albania tour in three days

Best of Tirana city tour

Best Taxi Company in Town Best Prices Guaranteed Multilingual Drivers

Bike and Food Tour

Bike Half Day tour in Tirana

BIKE RENTAL and BIKE TOURS in Berat by 1001 Albanian Adventures

Bird Watching Day Tour in Karavasta

Blue Eye Butrint National Park And Gjirokastra

Blue Eye Day Tour

Blue Eye half daytrip

Boat trip in Karavasta National Park and Apollonia Archaeological Park


Bogova Waterfall tour

Bovilla lake

Buggy Group Tour at Gjirokastra from Tirana in two days

Bunkart 1 and Mount Dajti Tour includes lunch

Butrint Blue Eye Ksamil and Lekuresi Castle Group Tour Of More Than 10 People

Butrint Blue Eye Springs Ksamil and Lekuresi Castle Private Tour From Saranda

Butrint Day Trip from Corfu

Butrint Day Trip from Sarande

Butrint Ksamil Blue Eye Lekuresi Castle All in one daytrip

Camping at Lukova Beach

Cape Of Rodon Daily Tour

Cape of Rodon From Tirana Bike Tour

Cave of Pellumbas Canyons and Castles hiking tour includes lunch

Chauffeur Albania

Check IN Berat

Check IN Tirana

City and Food Tour of Tirana in One Day

Classical Highlights of Albania 7 Day Tour

Cognac Factory In Durres

Comfort Transport Tirana City toTirana Airport

Communism History Tour in Tirana

Cooking Classes and Traditional food tasting in Tirana

Cooking Class With Chef Gjoca

Cook with Albanian Grandmothers Food Tour of Albania in 5 Days

Culture and history tour of North and Central Albania in 2 days

Cycling in Albania Kosovo and Macedonia

Cycling in Northern Albania and Kosovo

Daily tour

Dajti Mountain Downhill Bike Tour

Dayli Tour Gjirokaster

Day Tour of Berat from Tirana

Day tour of Gjirokastra from Tirana

Day Tour of Kruja and Sari Salltik holly cave from Tirana

Day tour of Kruja from Tirana

Day tour of Ohrid from Tirana

Day Tour of Ohrid Lake Albanian side from Tirana

Day Tour of Pristina and Prizren from Tirana including UNESCO Sites

Day tour of Prizren from Tirana

Day tour of Shala River from Tirana

Day Tour of Shkodra from Tirana

Day trip in Gjirokastra and Local Culinary

Day trip in Shengjergj Saint George waterfall and Rabbit s Lake

Daytrip in Tiran and Dajti Mountain

Day trip of Berat and taste raki with saffron

Day trip of Kruja and National Park of Qafeshtama

Day trip of Permet and Benje thermal baths

Day Trip of Pogradec and Korca

Daytrip to Berat

Daytrip to Berat from Tirana

Daytrip to Kruj and Durr s from Tirana

Daytrip to Shkod r and Kruj from Tirana

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Dhermi Private ArrivalDeparture Tirana Airport Transfer

Different kind of tours to the top destinations on the southern Albania

Discover Albania from Corfu

Discover Albania Macedonia and Greece

Discover Northern Albania and Kosovo

Discover Tirana

DONKEY TRIP BY 1001 Albanian Adventures

Durres And Berat Beautiful Heritage City

Durres and Cape of Rodon in a Day Tour from Tirana

Durres Daily Tour

Durres Day Tour

Durres Koman Lake or Koman Lake Durres

Durres Kruje Full Day Trip From Tirana

Durres Port ArrivalDeparture Private Transfer

Durres Private ArrivalDeparture Tirana Airport Transfer

Durr s Walking Tour The City where Sea washes Antiquity

Europe s Last Secret Tour of Central Albania in 6 Days

Exclusive Holiday Package Enjoy Beautiful Ksamil Albania

Exclusive Pottery making experience in Tirana

Experience Blue Eye Lekuresi Castle and Taste Traditional Albanian Wine

Experience Riviera Of Albania In One Day Tour

Experience the hike of Dajti

Experience Tirana With A Passionate Local Guide

Explore 3 bazaars and enjoy local street food in Tirana day tour

Explore and Feel Tirana in a Walking Tour

Explore Best Thethi Attractions in Two Days

Explore Blue Eye The Monument of Nature

Explore Corfu and Albania during 3 days

Explore Shala River and Komani Lake within a day starting from Shkoder

Explore Shkodra in a day tour starting from Tirana

Explore Southeastern Albania in 2 days tour of Kor a and Pogradec

Explore Southeastern Albania in 3 days tour of Pogradec Kor a and Voskopoja

Explore the ancient city of Durres in a Day tour from Tirana

Explore Thethi the unknown part of Albania in two days

Explore Tongo Island by boat

Exploring the ex military island and Karaburun Peninsula day tour from Tirana

Fly Tandem from Dajti

Fly Tandem Paraglading

Fly Tandem Paragliding

Fly Tandem Paragliding Dajti Mountain

Fly Tandem Paragliding Experience

Fly Tandem Paragliding Fromm Vlore Albania

Fly Tandem Paragliding From Vlore Albania

Fly Tandem Paragliding on Dajti Mountain

Food and wine lovers tour in three days

Food and wine lovers tour in two days

Food and Wine Tour Around Albania

Full Day Berat from Durres

Full Day Berat Tour from Tirana

Full Day Jeep Safari in Kruje

Full Day Jeep Tour to Karavasta Lagoon from Tirana

Full Day Kruje and Mount Sarisalltik includes lunch

Geopolitical Tour of Albania and Kosovo

Gjirokastra and Blue Eye Tour from Saranda

Gjirokastra Daily Tour

Gjirokastra Daily Tour From Tirana

Gjirokastra Full Day Tour

Gjirokastra Full Day Trip from Tirana

Gjirokastra The Stone City and Blue Eye The monument of Nature

Gjirokastra Tour with Blero

Guide by buggy motors

Half Day Tirana Walking Tour


Highlights of Albania

Highlights of Tirana 3 Hour Guided Walking Tour

Hikingand 4X4 tour in Berat Sotira waterfall Tomorr National Park

Hiking and Black Cave Exploration in Pellumbas

Hiking and Camping to Kroreza Beach near Sarande

Hiking at Korabi Mountain Peak in a 2 Days Tour from Tirana

Hiking at Korabi Mountain Peak in a 3 Days Tour from Tirana

Hiking day tour of Bovilla Lake from Tirana

Hiking day tour of the mystic cave of Sarisalltik in Kruja

Hiking in Berat by 1001 Albanian Adventures

Hiking in Qafshtama National Park From Tirana 1 day by Smart Tour Albania

Hiking in Tirana Bovilla Reservoir tour 1 day by Smart Tour Albania

Hiking to Sotira waterfall in the holy mountain of Tomorr

Hiking tour of Komani Lake and Valbona Valley in three days

Hiking tour of Komani Lake Valbona and Theth in four days

Hiking tour of Komani Lake Valbona Valley and Theth in three days

Hiking tour of Koman Lake Valbona Valley and Theth in six days

Hiking tour of South Albania in five days

Hiking tour of South Albania in four days

Hiking tour of South Albania in three days

Hiking tour of South Albania in two days

Hiking tour of Theth in three days

Hiking tour of Theth in two days

Hiking Tour Theth and Valbon plus Koman Lake and transfers 3 day 2 Night

Himare Private ArrivalDeparture Airport Transfer

Historical and Archaeological Sites

Historical tour of Berat Walking tour and taste a special desert

History and Artisan Tour in Kruja City Castle

Holta canyon the lake in Banje and the Lakes of Belshi

Holy places of Albania Spiritual and mystic tour

Horseback riding in south Albania

Horseback riding in the edge of Lengarica Canyon Permet

I Day Tour at Apollonia Archaeological Park

Jeep Safari 4x4 Sotira Waterfalls

Kayaking and birdwatching in the national park Divjaka Karavasta

Kayaking and Hiking at Koman Lake Valbona and Theth in 4 Days Tour from Tirana

Kayaking and local lunch in Farka

Kayaking in Komani Lake day tour from Tirana

Kayaking Ulza Shkopet Eco Park

Koman Lake Shkoder or Shkoder Koman Lake

Korca And Voskopoja Where Nature Meets Art And History

Korca Daily Tour

Korca Full Day Trip From Tirana

Korce Private ArrivalDeparture Airport Transfer

Kosovo Prizren And Pristina

Kruja and Qafeshtama Day Tour

Kruja Daily Tour

Kruja Day Tour From Durres

Kruja Preza castle and Durres Tour from Tirana

Kruja Preza Durres Three Castles in a Day Tour

Kruja tour from Tirana

Kruje Half Day Tour with Guide

Ksamil Private ArrivalDeparture Tirana Airport Transfer

Lake Ohrid Bike Tour

Land Down Under

Lezha And Shkodra

Living Albania

Local Guide in Tirana

Long walking tour Old Bazaar Castle Ethnographic Museum Historic House

Magic Riviera Tour


Massage 30 by your choice

Massage Relax 60

Medium walking Tour Old Bazaar Castle Ethnographic Museum

Multi Activity Holiday in Albania and Kosovo

Multiple Days Tour in the Southern Albania We Have Organised It All For You

Night tours of the South

Northern Albania Cycling

Ohrid Day Tour From Tirana

One Day Tour Blue Eye Albania

One Day Trip to Berat Apollonia and Monastery of Ardenica

Osumi Canyons and Bogova Waterfall Tour by 1001 Albanian Adventures

OSUMI CANYONS and PIROGOSHI CAVE by 1001 Albanian Adventures

Panoramic City Tour Tirana

Paragliding Experience from Mount Dajti National Park Tirana

Paragliding Tandem Experience From Dajti Mountain

Passengers transport and tours all around albania

Peaks of Balkans

Peaks of Balkans Albania Kosovo Montenegro

Peaks Of the Balkan 12 Day Tour


Permet Day Trip

Permet the new destination

Piaggio Motorbikes for Rent

Pogradec Daily Tour

Pogradec Private ArrivalDeparture Airport Transfer

Private 4WD 1 Day Tour to Thethi National Park

Private Day Tour of Berat and Durres from Tirana with Optional Wine Tasting

Private Day Tour of Gjirokastra from Tirana

Private Day Tour of Prizren from Tirana

Private Departure Transfer Durres to Tirana Airport TIA

Private Departure Transfer Saranda to Tirana Airport TIA

Private Departure Transfer Tirana to Tirana Airport TIA

Private Economy Arrival Transfer Tirana Airport TIA to Hotel in Tirana

Private Fishing Tour in Saranda

Private Full Day Tour of Butrint Saranda and Gjirokaster from Tirana

Private One Day Tour of Ohrid and Pogradec from Tirana

Private One Day Tour of Ohrid from Tirana

Private Photo shooting Tour in Tirana

Private Speed Boat Trip

Private Tour Guides to different cities in Albania

Private Tour Haxhi Ali Cave and Daphina Cave

Private Tour of Tirana Bunkart and Dajti Cable Car Driving and Walking

Private Transfer Between Albania and Montenegro

Private Transfer Saranda Port Gjirokaster

Private Transfer Tirana Airport Gjirokaster

Private Transfer Tirana to Berat

Private Transfer Tirana to Budva

Private Transfer Tirana to Kotor

Private Transfer Tirana to Kruja

Private Transfer Tirana to Ohrid

Prizren Daily Tour

Prizren tour from Tirana

Rafting in the Osumi Canyons

Rafting in the wild Vjosa river Permet

Rafting to Osumi Canyons starting from Saranda

Raft Kayak and Hike Albania

Reflexolgy foot massage


Rent a Scooter in Saranda

Rent Bike

River Hiking in the Osumi Canyons Skrapar on foot

Round Trip Albania

Royalty Cruise to Albania from Corfu Island

Rozafa Castle with a Private Guide

Rural Tirana caves and canyons

Sailing yacht tour in the south of Albania

Saranda City Tour

Sarande Private ArrivalDeparture Tirana Airport Transfer

Sazan Island and Karaburun Peninsula Private SpeedBoat Trip

Sea coast trips

Shkoder In a Day including Lunch Departs Tirana

Shkodra Daily Tour

Shkodra day Tour from Tirana

Shkodra Full Day Trip from Tirana

Shkodra tour from Tirana

Sh ngjergj Waterfall Oasis Nature Walk

Shuttle Service Tirana to Budva up to 4 people per car

Sightseeing Transfer from Tirana to Skopje with a stop at Prizren

SINEC SOURCE TRIP by 1001 Albanian Adventures

Skhoder Private ArrivalDeparture Tirana Airport Transfer

Snowshoeing in Albania

Snowshoeing in Albania and Kosovo

Sotira Waterfall exploring hiking from Berat by 1001 Albanian Adventures


South coast of Albania The Blue Eye Porto Palermo Lukova

Southern Legends and more


Summit the mountain of Tomorr Berat

Sunset Speed Boat Trip along Vlora Bay

Tasting of wine olive oil and honey in a day tour of Tirana s surroundings

The Best of Albania Highlights and UNESCO sites in 5 Days tour

The city of Serenades Korca

Theth Albania Jeep Day Tour

Theth Albania Weekend 2 days from Tirana Shared tour

Theth Day Tour

Thethi 1 Day Jeep Tours

Theth National Park 3 Day Trip from Tirana

Theth OFF Road Tour

Theth tour Alps 2 days from Tirana Private Tour by Smart Tour Albania

The truest face of Communism

Three Cities At Once Elbasan Pogradec And Korca

Three Day Albanian Coast Tour from Tirana

Through the nightlife of Tirana

Tirana 4 night Holiday Package

Tirana Airport Private Transfer From City To Airport

Tirana Airport Private Transfer To City

Tirana and Ancient Kruje Day Tour

Tirana and Budva Kotor sightseeing Tour

Tirana And Dajti Mountain

Tirana and Kruja Full Day Trip

Tirana and Kruja in a Day Trip

Tirana At Night

Tirana Bicycle Tour

Tirana by locals

Tirana Castles Tour and Excursions

Tirana City Break

Tirana City Tour

Tirana City Walk Full Day Tour from Durres

Tirana City Walk incl Traditional Lunch

Tirana Daily Tour

Tirana Day Tour from Durres

Tirana Full Day Walking Tour

Tirana half day Bazaar and Museums tour includes morning tea

Tirana Half Day Walking Tour

Tirana hiking Pellumbas Cave 1 day by Smart Tour Albania

Tirana In a Day Tour

Tirana National History Museum Skip the line

Tirana Private ArrivalDeparture Airport Transfer

Tirana to Durres Bike Tour

Tirana tour 3 days by Smart Tour Albania

Tirana Walking Food Tour

Tirana Walking Tour


Tour and traditional food in Berat

Tour Guide in Tirana Cultural Nature Camping Tours

Tour in Voskopoje Korce

Tour of 3 UNESCO sites Berat Gjirokastra and Butrint in four days

Tour of Albania and Kosovo in eight days

Tour Of Albania Three Unesco Sites

Tour of Berat and Gjirokaster 2 UNESCO sites in two days

Tour of Komani Lake and Valbona Valley in two days

Tour of Ohrid and Berat 2 UNESCO sites in three days

Tour of Pogradec and around Ohrid Lake

Tour of Saranda

Tour to Gjin Aleksi Mosque

Transfer from Tirana to the Tirana International Airport and around

Transfers from Durresi Port to Saranda

Transfers Saranda Ksamil Tirana Saranda Ksamil

Transfer Tivat Montenegro Durr s Albania or Durr s Tivat

Transfer Tivat Montenegro Theth Albania or Theth Tivat

Transfer Vlore Albania Podgorica Montenegro or Podgorica Vlore

Traveler transport fromto Tirana

Trekking in Albania

Trekking the Hidden Trails of Albania

Trip in Kanina Castel

Trip in Kruja

Trip In Qafshtama

UNESCO heritage in Albania 4 days

UNESCO Heritage Sites

Valbona to Theth Itinerary

Valbona Valley 4x4 Experience

Velipoje Private ArrivalDeparture Tirana Airport Transfer

Virtual Reality Games and Experiences Perfect place to drink and have fun

Visit Albania and Kosovo

Visit Albania and Macedonia 4 UNESCO Sites

Visit Albania and Montenegro

Visit Albania and North of Greece

Visit Berat on a day trip from Saranda

Visit Best Of Berat And Ardenica

Visit Butrint Antic City Blue Eye Springs Ksamil and Lekursi Castle 1day

Visit Butrinti Lake by boat and Mussels House

Visit Gjirokastra Castle and Lekuresi Castle from Saranda

Visit Konispol

Visit Kroreza Beach by Boat

Visit Monastery of Our Lady of Costaras and Church St Athanasius Sopiki

Visit Osum Canyons

Visit Permet and Tepelena

Visit Phoenice Archaeological Park and St Nicholas Monastery Church Mesopotam

Visit Qeparo Village and The Beaches of Himara

Visit St Mary s Monastery in Kakome and Kroreza Sarande

Visit The Ancient City of Butrint

Visit The Ancient City of Butrint and the Beaches of Ksamil

Visit the City of Gjirokastra

Visit the Monastery of Mesopotam and The Archaeological Park of Phoenice Finiq

Visit the Mosque of Gjin Aleksi and The Medieval Village of Kamenica

Visit The National Park of Blue Eye

Visit The National Park of Blue Eye and The Fortress of Lekuresi

Visit to Medieval Berat from TiranaDurr s Unesco Word Heritage

Visit to Medieval Kruja from TiranaDurres Understanding the Albanian History

Visit Vlore and Himare Beaches includes lunch

Vlora City Tour

Vlora Daily Tour

Vlora Full Day Trip From Tirana

Vlor Private ArrivalDeparture Tirana Airport Transfer

Voskopoja tour from Tirana 2 days

Walking Albania National Parks

Walking in Northern Albania

Walking Skip the Line Old Bazaar Castle Guided Tour

Western Balkans Highlights

Wild camping in Gjipe Beach

Wine Raki and olive oil tasting day tour from Tirana

Wine Tasting In Berat

Winetasting tour in Alpeta winery Roshnik village by 1001 Albanian Adventures

Wine tasting Tour in Berat Roshnik village

Wine tasting Tour with a lunch in Roshnik Village Berat

Wonders of Albania 3 Day Trip from Tirana

Wood Crafting Experience in Gjirokastra

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